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1975 914 EV Needs New Home

2022 4
Would like to find a new home for my "working" 914 AC conversion. When parked several years ago, it was working, although the lead acid batteries had developed corrosion and died. I removed the batteries and the battery compartments have been empty since. I live in the foothills of N Calif, so performance on the hills wasn't great with LA batteries. On the flat, it easily did 65-70 mph and up to 50 miles on a charge. I've been considering upgrading to lithium, but am not willing to spend the dollars for batteries, controller and charger plus the time required and lack of expertise. I've finally given up.
1975 941, yellow, rust free chassis, battery boxes in front trunk and engine compartment, good convertible top that fits in back trunk, bonus bike rack on rear! ElectroAuto kit instructions and 941 wiring diagram included.
Have over $15,000 in the project and will accept any reasonable offer... a great LI conversion project!


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What are you looking to get for it? I have similar problem a 2002 PT Cruiser woodie with 45 180ah Voltronix lithium cells and warp9 and Evnetics junior. The batteries be perfect for your car. Have Elithion bms batteries are good I lost a half shaft and tired of fixing this car worked for awhile till half shaft cv failed.

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