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1975 Bricklin w/WarP 11 on Ebay

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Here is a link to my 1975 Bricklin on Ebay. The car is currently in Utah (I live in Michigan). It has an Orion BMS, J1772 plug, an EV West mounting bracket on the front of the motor ( EV West Accessory Plate & Pump System For HPEVS AC-34/35/50/51, EV West - Electric Vehicle Parts, Components, EVSE Charging Stations, Electric Car Conversion Kits ) There is a Pulsar controller that will be included. 1975 Bricklin | eBay The description describes a bit more about it. If you have questions feel free to ask here. The current MSRP of just the WarP 11 is: $8,100.00
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