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1975 Porsche 914 VoltsPower for sale.

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I purchased a 1975 Porsche 914 that had been converted to electric with an ElectroAutomotive Volts Porsche AC Motor Kit. This vehicle is in non-op status. I have all the paperwork and all the books and reference material for installing the kit. The kit is complete and a running motor/controller setup. The vehicle needs some cleaning up and a little work. There is rust in some areas like the typical hell hole area. I have all the proper files for your computer so you can communicate to the controller and make parameter changes as needed. It uses the DMOC 445 Inverter and has an AC-24 motor. This motor is set at this time to run at 144 volts. Includes the charger and instruments. I do not have the batteries.

Reasonable offers. Shipping and transport are the buyers responsibility.

I'll try to get a temp battery setup and clean it up a bit and do a vid showing it driving but I can't take it out on the road. Only on my property.

Most of these old Azure Dynamics Motor Controller Setup's that are still around don't have the proper computer files associated with the controller.

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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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