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1978 VW Kombi - South Africa

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1978 VW Kombi

Hi all,

My name is Mike im a 32 years young South African. I have minor mechanical experiance only what i have learnt from the years of watching my dad do every thing by him self. I studied Electronic till matric and entered my first jobs a few weeks before writing finals. Strangly it was for a battery distribution chain.

Ok so i have been trolling around the forums for some time and read the "I want to build an EV! Where do I start?" Awesome idea Robert and thanks for saving me months in the planing of my EV. I have been wanting to get an EV conversion done for the longest time now and most greatful to find this site with so much info my head nearly exploded the first day i started reading.

Finally after weeks of planning and searching for a donar i come across this 1978 VW Kombi Bus, some of my inspirations can be found on EVAlbum
"Electric VW Bus" , “Voltabus” & "Volty" to mention a few.

I have commited to the car and it is now sitting in my back yard. I baught it without an engine and as the car has been standing for more than a year being used as an office for the car dealer and take away shop. It started to roll with a big clank and i guess im going to have to check, clean and re grease all moving parts.

I have not finalised what system or motor etc i will be using leaning towards 144V but still playing with some numbers of costs and weights etc. So the plan now is to clean out all the unnecessary items and check that all mechanical items are in good working order. Then going to start meassuring up and planning the battery placements, and possible weight reductions.

Really excited to get started and cant wait for her to be up and running.


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Hi there, Sounds like you are on to a good thing there. I was looking at an older kombi myself recently, seems like a good place to start. Where are you sourcing your Drive, Controller and sundry other electricals from. I am finding the prices in SA to be too high, importing is a bit daunting to, due to the weight of some of the items. If you could perhaps drop me a mail at [email protected], that would be great. BTW, i have my own web site under development (www., i am aiming to try and give the SA EV Market a good kick in the rear, there is just not enough interest in RSA as yet. People like you are the inspiration that we need.


1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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