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1980 C3 Corvette Conversion Build Log

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There's only one other thread, but I decided to make this the main thread before things got too out of hand. Here's the old one for reference.
So did a TON more research and heres where I'm at
The problems I have found, after some preliminary calculations
-The C3 Corvette has a curb weight of 3500 pounds, much to heavy for my range and weight goals. But determined to use it, I'm trying to use me and my dads engineering backgrounds to determine the best possible way to reduce some of the weight.
-Budget: My budget of $1500 for the donor makes it difficult to find a c3 corvette in good shape. In GOOD shape. But that doesn't mean I can't find one with a rotten frame. Tying into the first point, I'm reconstructing the ladder frame with carbon fiber, or magnesium tubes (round or square). This will be sturdier and lighter. The frame itself doesn't weigh much I'm aware, but any reduction is more range.
-Getting the Tesla styled touchscreen working: Still haven't figured out any solution for connecting the car to this. I was going to extract the can bus system from a donor scrapyard car, install it, and hook it up via OBDII to a scrap skylake i7 pc, and 17 inch laptop screen. But then I learned can bus didn't work that way. I refuse to drop the idea. Shush rationality, I don't need you.
-Battery Packaging: This has more to do with frame design and weight. My original box idea might not be very good if I'm going for weight reduction on the structure, especially using expensive material like carbon fiber. Will need to run more thorough calculations.
-I can't decide on my EV components, until I have a grip on the rest of the information.

The First Steps
On that note if you read my first post you know what my first step will be...
Step 0.5) Actually obtaining my G2 License. Starting lessons tomorrow/today. Wish me luck.
Step 1) Drawing the concept interior, and calculating accessory power draw. I also need to finalize the features I want. Drawing is almost done. Just need to do some math. That's fine, I like math.
Step 2) Running more detailed calculations to determine the material that I will be opting for.
Step 3) Producing and verifying engineering drawings, based on the calculations done in step 2.
Step 4) Starting the search for a C3 Corvette.

So yeah, im at the stage of "if i dont go through with this I'm going to hate myself until I do"
So this is happening, and I'm not normally the kinda person who gives in halfway... so following this thread, for the years it'll probably take, WILL result in you guys seeing a completed Corvette conversion.
As for thread updates, i'm prob going to do weekly updates, depending on how much i get done.
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