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Hey all, I have been underway with this project for a little while now, but really at the parts and bench testing phase.

I have had a 2014 Chevy Volt since 2017 and just covered 100k miles in it. I really like the power delivery of the vehicle and the reliability has been fantastic. Aside from a recent wheel bearing and my air conditioning evaporator leaking!

This lead to me wanting to convert my MG B using parts from the Voltec system, rather than hacking any software, or trying to sniff bus messages and put a 3rd party controller in (haven't found anyone who has done that successfully but feel free to correct me). Right now the idea is to build the loom as if it were in the volt. Strip out any unnecessary items etc.

A 2012 came up very cheap locally with some issues. So I snapped it up and got to work. Annoyingly after diagnosing issues with it, it turns out the battery is garbage (0v cells throughout pack, swelling showing at the ends of all of the module, thankfully it was cheap enough it's still worth it) The whole car has been stripped down and the shell has been recycled.

It is VERY unlikely there will be enough height and width to fit both the engine and electric motors in, so will most likely be loosing the engine and just keeping that as a spare for my 2014.

The best route I see is to loose the live axle at the back of the car, then build a more modern suspension at the rear with some custom driveshafts. Giving it direct drive like it would have in the volt through the original final drive.

Heres some pics of my vehicles and the "test bed" 2012 Car thats currently built in my garage!

1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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