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This build is WIP, but I'm making pretty steady progress.
TL;DR: 2nd Gen Porsche 944 using a Tesla Model S LDU and 16 battery packs for 85kwh of capacity.
Planning on using the following major components:
  • SimpBMS (to retain original BMS boards, and I really don't want anything fancy here) (to do)
  • AEMEV LDU Inverter Board with VCU200 and Carbon display (to do)
  • Model S early PWM-based A/C compressor with homemade Arduino climate control system (I will link the source for this here soon along with BOM) (configured but needs installing)
  • Model S iBooster brake booster and master cylinder (to do)
  • Toyota Prius (2009) Electric Power Steering column and stalk (installed)
  • Mustang II manual steering rack (Installed)
  • 5 custom battery boxes using 2020, 2040, and 2060 aluminum extrusion as the framework;
    • 6 batteries in the trunk box that replaces the floor panel, arranged 2 tall, 3 wide, laying flat (installed)
    • 7 batteries under the hood
      • 5 batteries in a box under the hood, all 5 standing on the longest edge arranged longitudinally (installed)
      • 1 battery on top of the box of 5, laying flat in its own enclosure (to do)
      • 1 battery under the box of 5, arranged transversely, laying flat in its own enclosure (to do)
    • 2 batteries under the tunnel, standing on their side, arranged longitudinally (next up)
    • 1 battery on it's side in the passenger compartment in the passenger seat front foot well (to do)
  • Model S coolant pump, resevoir, and 3-way valve (to do)
  • Universal A/C & Heater system off Ebay (link forthcoming) (installed)
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