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1986 CRX EV conversion (Nissan Leaf Donor) - Now Running and Misc upgrades

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I'm new and am planning to convert my 1986 Honda CRX into an EV. I have a 2015 Fiat 500e for parts but from what I know so far, the Fiat is sensitive and difficult to use for parts. I believe it uses the Bosch 180/120 based on my Google fu. I've sourced the wiring diagram for the vehicle and confirmed it is indeed a 3 phase AC motor, one for each phase, 2 wires to sense temperature, and another 6 for the resolve (excitor, sin, cos). The biggest challenge is that Fiat uses canbus and the controller, inverter, battery, and more likely will not operate without all the parts. The car almost disabled itself when I changed the radio to android auto makes a good example. I am studying how canbus works in order to see if I can either ignore errors or maybe even hack the system to work.

As back up if I have to build from scratch, I have a separate thread pending approval where I'm asking about the compatibility of the Bosch SMG 180/120 with the Scott drive 250 AC controller.

Also I'm reading I might need an inverter? And what else? I'm still digging through the site trying to figure out what are all the parts needed to run an EV with an AC motor, which seems to be more complex and less popular than running DC. So guides or hints are welcome as I learn the anatomy of an EV.
Edit (2021-12-06):
Current project is now to convert the 1986 Honda CRX using a 2013 Nissan Leaf as a donor car in combination with the Resolve-EV Controller.
Edit (2021-12-23):
Project has begun; Battery Dropped; still need a machine shop to make parts.
Edit (2022-07-14):
Car has been running since June 2022. Car has been inspected by the California Referee Station and certified as an EV. DMV has issued registration though they're still trying to figure out internally how to actually label my car as an EV.

My latest work on this build has been to upgrade the battery from 24kwh to 40kwh. Batteries are installed but I still am working out the BMS issues as a bruteforce upgrade doesn't accurately recognize the battery capacity differences.

The to-do list is on-going and always evolving so although the car is running, I'm likely to be doing some new upgrade or change all the time.
Edit (2022-10-23):
Started building a battery box which is the "final battery" box. Still in the planning state but measure many times and cut once.
Edit (2022-12-27):
Battery Box is built and now revising the bus bars and BMS connections to the latest design.
Edit 2023-01-10
Got it running on 2022-12-30. And got it back on the ground and took it on a road test 2022-12-31

Been cleaning up and doing misc upgrades since.
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1986 Honda CRX (EM57 2013 Leaf Motor)
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Any updates on your Leaf shifter idea? id like to use the setup on my resolve ev controller as well.
All these posts below reference the shifter:

The short is the Resolve EV is looking for a normal switch so the Leaf Shifter doesn't work. I ended up hacking it apart and adding reed switches inside

At that point, you might as well put in your own circuit board with reed switches and it requires a lot of trial and error to figure out where the reeds switches should go. Also note that the magnet in the shifter is "L" shaped so you'll actually have to remove some of it and rearrange it.

My shifter works but if I was to redo it, I'd probably make a better circuit board and do more research into how game controller shifters work. Also note that the Resolve EV controller requires momentary switches.

Tagged @DaveEV since you're exploring the shifter as well.

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1986 Honda CRX (EM57 2013 Leaf Motor)
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Alright, so I got out to the garage and got work done.

First I cut the battery and welded it together. Its ugly but its solid.
Automotive tire Road surface Motor vehicle Asphalt Urban design

Welded both sides and grinded it down.

Motor vehicle Naval architecture Vehicle Gas Automotive exterior

Test fit the modules
Automotive parking light Wheel Tire Automotive tail & brake light Automotive side marker light

And that was when I realized that the terminals are the same position no matter how many flips I do.

Stacked it up anyways and realized I didn't have long enough bolts or rods to bolt them down...

Automotive parking light Automotive tail & brake light Automotive tire Hood Car

At the very least I got a measurement of the vertical dimensions of the pack. Looks promising. It'll be less than 11.25" compressed
Personal protective equipment Machine Workwear Eyewear Military camouflage

Width dimensions. Probably max of 27.25" width
Automotive tire Asphalt Tire Wood Gas

For those who remember, I originally was going to vertically stack some modules upfront under the hood so I had bought some 250mm M5 rods to bolt down the modules.

It turns out I need about 285mm M5 rods in order to bolt down 4 Gen4 modules.
Motor vehicle Automotive tire Plant Mode of transport Automotive design

For the sake of testing, I cut and welded these rods to the original bolts
Automotive tire Hood Wood Bumper Motor vehicle

Here you can see them installed. It works okay but I don't like the fact I welded the rod and bolt together and also it reaches a bit too far below so I'm going to get some proper threaded rods to compress the modules.

Automotive tire Building Urban design Wood Asphalt

to be continued...

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1986 Honda CRX (EM57 2013 Leaf Motor)
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Next up I lined up the plate and started planning out where I'd cut.

Motor vehicle Automotive exterior Auto part Gas Automotive tire

Since I welded those ugly bolt/rods I used them to get a sense of the height.

Road surface Asphalt Floor Automotive tire Flooring

Here I put the tray under the car and it clears the bottom easily.

Automotive tire Electrical wiring Gas Automotive exterior Composite material

Plenty of space.

Automotive tire Motor vehicle Hood Vehicle Bumper

Automotive tire Hood Motor vehicle Automotive lighting Mode of transport

Plenty of space front and back
Automotive tire Line Building Engineering Composite material

I'm still thinking about how I'm going to bolt to this frame....
Tire Land vehicle Wheel Water Automotive tire

A part of me wonders.. if I should just drill and weld a nut to the side... or maybe make a bracket that bolts to the existing holes.

Tire Hood Automotive tire Motor vehicle Tread

Definitely going to use those old holes that were used to hold up the fuel tank.

Tire Hood Automotive tire Vehicle Car

Front side has some triangles that were used to hook the fuel tank to but I don't plan to use them.

Automotive tire Motor vehicle Gas Composite material Engineering

To be continued....

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1986 Honda CRX (EM57 2013 Leaf Motor)
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Battery cables are in the way. So I took them apart. I usually design and plan my build so I can dissemble it which pays off whenever I change my build...
Hood Automotive tire Vehicle Motor vehicle Bumper

Now I'm ready to cut the rear

Automotive tire Asphalt Motor vehicle Composite material Gas

Drew some new lines... in yellow so we can't see it in photos apparently
Motor vehicle Automotive tire Hood Automotive exterior Gas

Cut the lines
Motor vehicle Hood Automotive tire Automotive exterior Auto part

I was considering if I should try to bend the steel up to make a straight angle but that was too much work so I just cut it and did a test fit. The hole is too small but I'm probably going to trim the battery tray a bit.

Motor vehicle Automotive tire Automotive exterior Gas Automotive wheel system

Probably going to trim the back since there isn't anything back there...
Wood Gas Auto part Metal Composite material

The front definitely needs more room.
Automotive tire Wheel Motor vehicle Bumper Tread

I had a lot of room still to cut.
Automotive tire Light Motor vehicle Tire Tread

I put on the module and a connector and we can see the front can't be trimmed.
Motor vehicle Automotive exterior Asphalt Bumper Automotive tire

The back is quite clear though
Automotive tire Hood Motor vehicle Bumper Automotive exterior

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1986 Honda CRX (EM57 2013 Leaf Motor)
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More pictures lol

The flintstone car is ready
Automotive tire Motor vehicle Wheel Vehicle Asphalt

I trimmed it a bit more and now the tray drops in nicely
Motor vehicle Hood Automotive tire Automotive exterior Bumper

Another angle
Motor vehicle Automotive tire Automotive design Car Vehicle

I'm thinking about what kind of brackets do I want to add to so I can lift and drop these batteries...
Road surface Line Bumper Gas Wood

Next I'm going to build the subframe
Automotive tire Motor vehicle Vehicle Automotive design Tire

There was more room to the rear frame than I had originally thought.
Motor vehicle Hood Automotive exterior Automotive design Vehicle

Also will need to grind down the back of the battery plate tomorrow.
Hood Automotive tire Motor vehicle Wood Bumper

I probably don't have enough metal so likely tomorrow will mostly be planning, measuring. Maybe I'll make some brackets at most but I won't be able to build the subframe until I buy some steel. I should start with cardboard templates...

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2014 Tesla Model S 85
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Tagged @DaveEV since you're exploring the shifter as well.
Thanks, that was very helpful. I'm struggling through the idea behind you. It sounds like each switch just added 50 ohms resistance? And always at least two switches closed. I'll have to check that out. I find it odd that the shifter doesn't work with the Resolve-EV controller.

In the end, the OpenInverter board is looking for momentary or locked (programmable) 12v(?) for Fwd and Reverse. It sounds like if I really want to use the Leaf shifter I'll have to build my own circuits with reed switches (or other). I'll see what I come up with!

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Use the holes that are already in the subframe if you can.

Not sure anyone makes the 285-300mm bolt in an M5. You can also use plain carbon steel rod (maybe powder coated) and use a threading die to put threads on each end. Stainless allthread is another option, of course.

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1986 Honda CRX (EM57 2013 Leaf Motor)
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Your new battery mount looks awesome. Really stoked to see how it turns out. Have you had a chance to test the new cells at all? Even just measure the voltage? Seems like Alibaba might be a win.
The new cells from AliExpress haven't arrived yet. They're still at sea. These are the old 40kwh modules and I'm just using them to test fit things and plan. I'll have more updates when they arrive.

Use the holes that are already in the subframe if you can.

Not sure anyone makes the 285-300mm bolt in an M5. You can also use plain carbon steel rod (maybe powder coated) and use a threading die to put threads on each end. Stainless allthread is another option, of course.
I found 1 meter M5 threaded rods on Amazon. Going to cut them to size.

If I couldn't find it then I would likely have threaded my own like you suggested.

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1986 Honda CRX (EM57 2013 Leaf Motor)
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Take a look at using Rivnuts...
Rivnuts looks quite promising.

Did some measurements for that purpose.

The large hole on the side beams:
Tire Automotive tire Tread Wheel Motor vehicle

Small hole on the same beam:
Tire Automotive tire Tread Wheel Bumper

Rear holes on the rear beam above the sway bar:
Automotive tire Sleeve Wood Bumper Military camouflage

Also... PSA if you're cutting metal, cover your windows.

The sparks burned into my windows. Not sure if theres any way to clean them off other than to replace the glass...
Liquid Fluid Solution Tints and shades Beer

Otherwise, I need to buy some square steel tubes this week. Maybe order rivnuts too.

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1986 Honda CRX (EM57 2013 Leaf Motor)
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Had a productive day.

Picked up some steel tubes a few days ago.
Automotive tire Road surface Wood Asphalt Gas

Cut it down to fit.
Road surface Asphalt Wood Rectangle Tar

One for front, one for back
Motor vehicle Car Vehicle Aircraft Auto part

Also picked up some threaded rods to use for the horizontal battery stacks. Turns out the bolts are actually M6x1.0 and not M5x0.8... so I had to return these rods and make a new order. The rods are about 1 meter in length so I can cut it down to size.

Lego Toy Vehicle Engineering Urban design

Starting with the rear bar that will mount against the rear beam over the rear axle, I marked the 3 bolt locations for drilling

Road surface Asphalt Line Wood Urban design

gave it a good hammer with a punch to start the drilling
Automotive tire Tire Wood Bumper Rim

These little things look so simple and seem so simple in my head but it still takes forever... The steel is quite thick so even drilling 3 holes takes awhile... wish I had room for a real drill press.

Automotive tire Bumper Motor vehicle Wood Automotive exterior

Test fit!
Automotive tire Motor vehicle Bumper Plant Tree

I'm happy to say the holes line up 😅

Wood Automotive exterior Automotive tire Bumper Motor vehicle

Drilled all the way through but I'll need at least a 4 in bolt... which I don't have, to secure the beam.

Automotive tire Wood Bumper Gas Font

Also I'm planning to drill down from the top and secure the beam top down as well.

to be continued....

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1986 Honda CRX (EM57 2013 Leaf Motor)
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I drew out a design but at this point, I looked to the side and wondered... do I go out or do I go up?
Transport hub Motor vehicle Building Engineering Automotive tire

The top still needs support and even after going up, I can still afterwards go outward... so I went up. Probably should've gotten a bigger beam but... oh well its done.
Plant Wood Flooring Gas Engineering

Probably about an hour or two later, I cut and lined up the top beam of the subframe I'm building...
Automotive tire Motor vehicle Bumper Automotive exterior Hood

Ready to spot weld. then unbolt, drop, and fully weld outside.
Tire Wheel Automotive tire Hood Motor vehicle

Its ugly but its welded and solid. I'll grind it down and make it look better later.
Road surface Asphalt Wood Gas Concrete

Bolted in. I expect to bolt something at the top so these long bolts will be useful later. Also I put in the front beam. I'll need another piece to drop down...
Automotive tire Motor vehicle Plant Automotive exterior Gas

And here they are..
Rectangle Wood Tints and shades Font Metal

And its already dark. All the above somehow took all day. Cutting, drilling, welding. Unbolt and rebolt. In and out of the car.

Missed a few photos but I welded it together
Asphalt Gas Electrical wiring Composite material Automotive exterior

And its installed.
Automotive tire Motor vehicle Automotive design Mode of transport Tire

Tomorrow, I'll need to make some beam/brackets to attach to the frame on the side. Hopefully that isn't too complicated.

If I can finish this subframe this weekend, next weekend I should hopefully be able to built the battery box that I'll drop in. And then I could actually test drop in the actual lower horizontal stack battery.

Based on the plan, I should be able to finish the entire battery box before end of year.

In other news, I got shipping notice for the batteries I ordered from Aliexpress. They're expected to be on a boat by 11/25. So hopefully arrive at port sometime in December. At that point it'll ship to home by mid December hopefully. In time for me to install it hopefully.

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I was just thinking, when/if you have to drill holes in steel "by hand" it makes it much easier to start off with a "pilot hole" (usually ~1/8")
...then, drill it out "in steps" a "little bigger" bit each time, until you get to the size you need
...& it's "easier" on the drill bits too (doesn't "dull them out" so fast) especially them "big" expensive ones ;)

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1986 Honda CRX (EM57 2013 Leaf Motor)
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Less pictures today but finished adding the side beams.

Added a rivnut on one side since there wasn't anything to bolt to. The opposite side I was able to use existing bolt holes.

Here I had just finished welding and did a bit of grinding to soften the edges.
Bicycle tire Tire Road surface Asphalt Street light

Sanded down and ready to prime and paint
Plant Wood Automotive exterior Bumper Asphalt

One coat of paint done. I'll need to throw on another coat tomorrow.

Wheel Tire Hood Automotive tire Motor vehicle

With this, the subframe is pretty much done and I'll now need to build the battery frame next.

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Looks awesome. Just make sure you have lots and lots of fasteners to spread the load from your new subframe to the cars body, these cars are like tin cans. Very thin and soft metal. On my '86 I bent and partially pulled off the panhard mount by accidentally bumping a curb in a parking lot with my rear tire at only a couple MPH.

Otherwise it looks really good! Should have a nice and low center of gravity too.

CRC drill and tap oil is really amazing stuff for that.

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I'm not familiar with CRX, but maybe there are hardpoints on suspension to support the bottom box? I'm sandwiching between subframe and frame.
The CRX has no rear subframe, and you've seen all of the suspension mounting points in the photos: one forward mount for each control arm, one bracket on the left side for the fixed end of the lateral location (Panhard) bar, and the spring and shock mounts.
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