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Do you think it might make sense for me, maybe even be more cost effective, to find a lower voltage motor, and build batteries from scratch? I was mainly leaning towards using the Leaf because it seemed like the most bang-for-buck to get all the EV components in one quick go~ I'm not familiar enough with the salvage market to know what price is reasonable to expect for a Leaf with all functional components and a banged up body~:confused:

Having taken apart a crashed Nissan Leaf, I think that it's drive train, power electronics, and battery are better than just about anything you can put together yourself, and certainly cheaper on the salvage market than anything you can assemble from purchased components.

BUT, if you are going to make use of them, you really have to commit to using the whole package. Motor/inverter/charger / battery, computers AND WIRING HARNESS, and transplant the whole thing to your project.

Would it be possible to cut out the entire front drivetrain and just transplant the entire Leaf drivetrain (including wheels/brakes etc) into the LeSharo (what is the distance between the front tires in comparison to the Leaf?)? If that doesn't work, perhaps you could have a custom axle made that would allow the LeSharo front wheels to mate up directly to the Leaf gearbox.

If you go with a different motor, you will have to also buy a controller to match it, and at that point you may be able to use the Leaf Battery (either at a matching voltage, or reconfigured to a lower voltage. If you go 400 volts you may be able to use the Leaf BMS, otherwise, if you reconfigure the modules, you'll also need to provide a bms.) I can't imagine this would be more cost effective than using all parts from a Leaf donor car.
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