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1987 Honda Accord hatchback?

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I have a beloved 87 Accord that has given me over a quarter million miles, and I'm considering it as a donor for an EV conversion. I'm looking for it to become a simple commuter car, ~40 mile range @ 40 MPH.

First (and probably most important) question: Is this a suitable vehicle?

For background, I've done some basic auto repair activities, but I am bolstered by a group of friends with access to equipment and a greater skill set than mine. They've promised to help, between bouts of laughter at my hijinx.

I've browsed through much of the NuWiki front page links, and while it's overwhelming in toto, I believe I'm seeking the simplest approach: DC, lead-acid batteries, maintaining the clutch. According to web research, my Accord has a curb weight of ~2600 lbs and a CdA of 7 ft^2; can't seem to find anything about the GVWR.
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Thanks for all the feedback -- I think. You've re-opened all the option questions, so I'm back to re-considering everything. :confused:

I'm going to try the approach of scanning and monitoring the surplus shops in the area to see what appropriate motors might show up there. Are there good rules of thumb for appropriate parameters to seek on the motor plates, e.g.:
* Voltage
* Amperage
* Torque
* HP
* ???

HC -

Some computer geek I am, eh? I'll see about fixing that setting. Good on you for tracking my thread down!

As long as we're here.... I'm in Albuquerque, NM, US. I'm most interested in the low-cost DIY-ish approach to this project, and your thread is inspirational along that front. After reading it, I did stumble on a discussion about the use of used UPS batteries, which seems to be largely opposed to the notion. One aspect of the discussion that could impact me is the 95+F ambient temperature issue. While we don't have regular 100+F summer weeks like Phoenix, AZ, 95F in the shade isn't uncommon here.

What are some other options for cheap --ahem, affordable battery sources?

TPalco -

This is proving to be challenging due to my low level of experience. With the help (and humor) of a few neighbors, we finally got the engine block/ transmission out -- two days before Halloween, allowing me to distribute candy from the empty engine compartment.

I am motivated to keep the clutch in the system as a reflexive quick-disconnect, but that seems to involve taking the flywheel off the engine, and two of those bolts refuse to budge, even under impact wrench attention. Maybe it'll be a clutchless system after all.

Another frustrating finding: the mounting mechanism for the transmission involves one mount that is attached to the tranny, and others attached to the (now AWOL) engine. Haven't figured out how I'm going to get that all to line up precisely, which I presume will be a fairly critical aspect.

Plugging along....

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