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1987 Honda Accord hatchback?

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I have a beloved 87 Accord that has given me over a quarter million miles, and I'm considering it as a donor for an EV conversion. I'm looking for it to become a simple commuter car, ~40 mile range @ 40 MPH.

First (and probably most important) question: Is this a suitable vehicle?

For background, I've done some basic auto repair activities, but I am bolstered by a group of friends with access to equipment and a greater skill set than mine. They've promised to help, between bouts of laughter at my hijinx.

I've browsed through much of the NuWiki front page links, and while it's overwhelming in toto, I believe I'm seeking the simplest approach: DC, lead-acid batteries, maintaining the clutch. According to web research, my Accord has a curb weight of ~2600 lbs and a CdA of 7 ft^2; can't seem to find anything about the GVWR.
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Man I should've done that with my '89 Accord LX-i. The head gasket blew, it had close to 145,000 miles on it - which for a Honda isn't much - and I was already sold on getting my 08 Camry. I donated it to a non-profit organization that used the $ from auctioned-off parts to go to charity. The outcome of it going to charity was great in and of itself, but now that I look back on it, had I started tinkering with it for a bit and learned the EV specs, it might have raised a bit more $ for the charity.

Not that I want my hybrid Camry to die on me, my next project will be to study and mess around with the electric specs until I've maximized the mpgs to an even greater level than it's at right now.
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