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1987 Oldsmobile 442, electric power steering, YouTube ser

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I’m currently in the process of converting my 1987 Oldsmobile Cutlass 442 to electric. It still has the original 307 that came with the car, and I’m keeping it in the car until the new motor arrives. Just so that the car is still enjoyable and not just sitting off to the side.

I recently swapped out the original Saginaw style steering pump for an electric pump out of a Volvo it was the cheapest and easiest to get in a junkyard.

The swap was pretty straight forward, I only had to fabricate some brackets and make some an6 lines. I read somewhere the Volvo pump generates about 900psi so you need a pressure line that can withstand that, I used some ptfe line and it worked fine.

I filmed the whole swap and posted it on my YouTube page, I’m planning on making a series of episodes that document the swap.

This being the the first episode, I’d definitely appreciate some pointers or advice for future content.

Video link

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