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Hi all, brand new to this forum!

I'm looking at converting a 1988 Ford Ranger to an EV. It's a regular cab, short bed, 2wd, manual. The issue is I really have no idea where to start. I think I'd like to have a range of at least 75 miles. I've looked at the specs of the EV west Ranger and those seem pretty ideal. A top speed of 80 mph is probably fine. I understand this build would likely be at least $15k. I've read some of Gavin Shoebridge's PDFs, but that's about as far as my EV knowledge goes.

Now to the questions:

How do I size the batteries? What are some ways to reduce the cost of the batteries? Where possible on this build I'd like to invest more time and less money.

I live in Michigan, is an EV feasible in the winter months?

I think I would like to use LiFePO4 batterie, does that seem to be the right plan of attack?

Thanks for taking the time to read!
I have a 1994 Ford Ranger that I built pretty much what you described as your pick-up two wheel drive only I have an extended cab. I used LifePO4 batteries also on my Ford Ranger I put my most of my batteries under the truck bed and have a tilt bed the rest under the hood. I think your being a little optimist on the top speed maybe if all conditions are just right you could make 80mph. I live in Nebraska and I can tell you when it get cold the battery life is shortened a dramatically not to mention no heater. I spent over twenty-four thousand on my truck that is partly because I made it mostly to put into car shows so it looks pretty much new but I would be willing to sell it for fourteen thousand any time.
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