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$1000 eh? Hard to beat that for a nearly finished project. Truck looks great.

I love quirky solutions, I hope you at least give the AC an attempt before yanking it out. Never seen that before.

I think it's kind of you to complete someone else's project, though, the motivation is that you have a nearly-complete project too, so, probably the best decision for you too.

My EV project was also born out of someone passing away, and I drove 3000 miles round' to get it. But I waited until his family were literally going to call the scrapyard to shred the car before I adopted it. No one in the car community wanted it. I think he was doing a V8 conversion on a small car. I had no interest in pursuing it, and, it was barely started when I bought 2 of his cars (to merge), and got someone else to buy the 3rd.

Shame to hear about the owner taking his own life. I think that people suffering from depression can often benefit from something larger to sink their teeth into and look forward too, helps the minutia of the day fade away. Sad to know he never got to see it running. Similarly, that's part of why I started my EV project, not depression as much as anticipating I might be headed that way, and wanted a bit more of a positive anchor that wasn't dependent on or involving other people.
1 - 1 of 22 Posts