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I just bought a Yamaha YZ off a friend and I want to convert it into an electric enduro motorcycle that will meet NJ motor vehicle laws.

Anyway heres the plan so far

The motor and controller is found at

I am rather new to this, I wanna know if this is my best bet given I dont feel like throwing all my money at the project. Is there something better I can get for the money I am spending?

The controller is $385 and the motor is $346.

PS~ I am staying away from lithium batteries, I almost got burned alive from one of them.

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get rid of that throttle and use a Magura.
Would think that controller would have a 12v system (keyed)
That motor is going to get hot dragging all that lead around.
check out Mars, they have the ME0913 in stock now, $500 or $600
Im using the same brake lever on my R1, Ive just tuned the micro switch
to trip earlier by filing back the lever where it contacts the switch pushrod.
You might be able to run the cable down to the original rear brake master cylinder
for a 2 stage rear brake. regen / friction
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