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My humble opinion:

-Buy a running and driving Nissan Leaf, pretty sure its years 2013-17 that are supported by the Resolve EV controller so make sure its one of those.

-Buy Resolve EV controller. This will allow you to use the charger and DC-DC converter that are already in the Leaf stack.

-Remove the Leaf transmission from the motor. Create a coupler that connects the output shaft of the motor to the input shaft of the trans. Clutch optional.

-Make an adapter to bolt the motor to the trans. Integrate mounts that go to the factory engine mount. I have CAD files and part numbers that can help with your coupler/adapter I'll dig em up if you like.

-Volvo electric power steering pump.Give it 12v and fires right up, Ebay has em for like $150. I walked into a local hydraulic line shop with the pump and high pressure line from the Toyota and they made me a custom line in 10 minutes, was like $40.

-Make a battery box and install them in the cargo area. Of course this isn't optimal, but you can split up the modules and create battery boxes to fit under the body later.

My 4runner is roughly 5,000lbs with 35" tires, the stock 80wh Leaf motor moves it fine. Not crazy powerful, but fun. Put it in low range and it will do donuts on hard pack dirt.
Feel free to message me anytime, would love to talk more about your build.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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