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1991 2WD Geo Tracker EV For Sale

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I've decided to take my EV off of the road and repurpose the batteries. The EV has a ZEVA MC1000C DC Motor Controller, a 10" series wound motor connected to the original 5 speed manual transmission. The controller has developed a fault and I've lost 3 cells from the 45 cell pack. I have 16000 miles on the odometer since conversion in 2012.

As a donor vehicle, this is a great start for someone who wants to put in an AC motor and controller. The batteries are all located below the driver and passenger seat and where the fuel tank sat. The body is in great shape and ready for new drive system. I added a 2 inch lift kit just to ensure I had plenty of clearance for taking this off the pavement. Comes with two sets of tires on nicely powder coated rims.

If interested, please message me.

You can see the build thread at:


(In Sandpoint, Idaho)
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