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I've decided to take my rig off of the road to cut insurance costs and help with my downsizing effort.

Before I start taking the entire rig apart and putting individual parts up for sale, thought I'd see if anyone was interested in the entire rig, minus the batteries.

2WD Geo Tracker, clear title, body in great shape for something 28 years old. I have it on a 2 inch lift kit to ensure plenty of clearance for the battery boxes that are below the seats and replacing the gas tank.

Has an Arduino controled battery warming system that works great to keep things warm when it is plugged into 110VAC.
1500 Elcon charger.
1000 Amp Zeva Controller
Powered by a 10" series wound DC motor driving the stock 5 speed transmission, with the standard clutch. I don't have a tach on this so I had to shift based on speed to ensure I didn't overspeed the motor. Comes with a set of new brushes for the motor that I bought as a backup.
The original BMS I used turned out to be crap so I've been manually monitoring the charge based on Amp Hours consumed and the rate of recharge. That worked well, but probably means I never had topped off batteries. Which wasn't a problem because I never used more than half a charge to get to work and home again.

Everything else is there to make this a road worth rig. Vacuum pump for the brakes, DC/DC converter to charge the 12 VDC FLA battery that runs all the normal vehicle systems.
Rubber and wheels are in excellant condition and comes with another set of wheels with snow tires that saw less than 100 miles on them.
If you think you might be interested send me a message and I can fill in any of the missing details. This is a great opportunity to acquire all of the various bits and pieces needed to convert a similar sized car, or just put this one back on the road.

Sandpoint, Idaho
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