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1991 Nissan NX1600 - Good candidate EV?

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Hi Folks,
I'm a total n00b and just getting my bearings here. I've got an opportunity to buy a 1991 Nissan NX1600 for $250. The car ran daily up until a year ago, has very minor rust spots.
It's a hatchback, but it would be very easy to build a cover for the cargo area and vent the rear battery compartment.

Are there any deal-breakers on this model or issues I should be aware of? I can't find any EV conversions on the web.
It's a nice looking car and it has a T-top which I like.
Any motor recommendations?


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small and light, which is good, but if it uses Nissan's trailing arm rear suspension on a V crossbeam subframe you'll find battery weight and packaging to be an issue.
Thanks for the info Manntis! I suppose I'll be beefing up the springs a bit, eh? Haynes doesn't seem to havea manual for the NX series cars, what would its nearest cousin be? The Sentra or the Pulsar? The wikipedia entry on the NX seems to indicate they are based on the same chassis.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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