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I have been holding onto this project for a long time with the hope of finishing it one day. I am going to have to finally throw in the towel though because i am experiencing a financial tragedy. Giving this a shot, if no luck then i will try a part out.

Anyways about this EV:
Its a 1992 Nissan 240sx clean title, registration shows Electric but it is under non operation, and at the moment it is a rolling shell.

History: Converted it to electric with the help you guys on this forum years ago. And did the registering process (Bar Referee at the time) once i got it on the street however i noticed a problem with the manual transmission, I had purchased it and removed it from an identical car in a junkyard so the condition was unknown to me. I only drove the newly converted vehicle approximately 300 miles before eventually removing all the components with the intention of repairing the transmission. But for many reasons i was not able to proceed with fixing it and ended up selling the flooded deep cycle batteries and battery charger in fear of degradation from not being used while the car was apart with no ETA in sight. The plan was to just upgrade to a lithium battery and charger when it became time to drive it again. And so here we are today, an empty chassis, plus some EV components sitting in a garage with 300 miles worth of driving usage.

If anyone is interested in undertaking this project, i wont kid you, its a massive job. The only plus being not having to remove any of the ICE parts from the vehicle. You will still need to purchase many parts to have a complete kit, and still do all of the fabrication. I will list what i do have that i can include with the vehicle:


-ADC FB1-4001G 9" This is the single shaft motor model with speed sensor on other end.
-Paul and Sabrina Motor Controller 144V 500A with a Heatsink.
-KILOVAC EV200 Series Contactor 500A
-Cycle Analyst v2 Battery monitor
-I have the aluminum motor to transmission coupler manufactured by Charlie at however it may need modification depending on how you mate to the motor because he didn't manage to make it fit the OEM transmission and so i had to send him the transmission's shaft so he could shorten it to fit the coupler.
-Transmission Adapter plate. i wouldn't use this though because i made it myself and so it shouldn't be trusted -_- nowadays they can be purchased professionally made off the shelf.
-Curtis PB-6 Pot Box Throttle

as for the vehicle itself, it needs lots of work, its been sitting for a long time..
- needs everything (tires, brake system, power steering system, Transmission system, suspension, wiring system) I do have the problem transmission i can include but its been taken apart.
-also a front bumper because i tried to seal the air dam but it didn't work out so good. its still included though
- the vehicle is stripped inside, no carpet, no panels, no dashboard, no rear seats because i didn't want to cut the frame to fit batteries.

that's all i can think of for now, let me know if you are interested in everything or anything or any offers thanks.
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