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Yes, I have another one. This one belongs to a customer who wants to sell it.
This is an original one with about 36k miles on it. It was used at a university in New England. Body is original and is in good condition. This is based on a 2 door Geo Metro hatchback body.
Car had 144v lead acid batteries. I had some lithiums in it to move it around. They are dead. The car does run. This car has two chargers in parallel for what was a quick charge for the lead acid batteries. They both operate.
There are two battery boxes one in the front and one in the back. The lead batteries were pulled and the front box was bypassed for now.
Car is sold as is. It rolls. Will need new tires, batteries and probably brakes.
I have driven this car.
Sold as is where is with no implied warranty. This has a belt drive from the motor to the gear box. It also has AC. I do not know if the AC works. This is an 3 phase AC system.
Will post more photos soon.


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