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1995 Range Rover Classic Conversion

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I am just about to start a long awaited conversion project on my 1995 Rover classic. I have owned a few Rovers and always hated the high cost of keeping them running and not to mention the low gas mileage. I have always loved the Classic Rovers and I thought one day I will convert a 95. The stars aligned and I stumbled upon a company closing that was building a three wheel performance based EV called Torq. If you have not heard of this company check them out. go to They are out of business now but in the process of selling off all their inventory a couple months ago I was able to purchase the same kit as they use on their $80k car. I have the exact same motor (Warp 9) battery pack 197v along with all the other components they use to power the Torq. including a Netgain controller and a 3.3kw charger.

The reason why I am writing you guys today is that I am planning to lighten the Rover considerably along with change out the transmission. I have been told that it would be best to use a manual tranny and I was thinking maybe I could use something less exotic like a Ford Ranger or a Jeep wrangler style trans. Can this work? If any 4x4 purest out there starts to freakout because I am thinking of taking out the 4 wheel drive system, please understand that I have given this allot of thought. Since my range will be no greater than 75mi I do not think I will be offroading here in Los Angeles. I like the rover as an in town driver, and I would like to create something like the picture I have attached here. I figure removing the extra weight and using it as a cool tough looking old Bronco looking Rover will be my goal. I plan to use a jeep style bimini top and a soft enclosure when needed or keep it open.

Please let me know your thoughts and also let me know if you think I can power a 4k pound truck like this with 197v and using a warp 9?

Any advice will be helpful as this is my first conversion.


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Hi RSean5531,
good choice for conversion:D. I have one 92 Hunter with dua11" as my daily driver.Over 50 000km so far.
You will be able to drive with that small motor but it will overheat if you are not careful. And your brushes will not have long life. I drove one winter with 10" Kostov and used one set of brushes:p.
Monitor temp carefully and do not try to break any records and you might make it.If you want to drive on one axle only, empty the unused one or you will not gain anything with chance to 2wd.
If you install small enough trans you could fit motor/trans assembly where trans is now and install batteries where engine was. It would help with weight distribution and give balanced driving experience.Maybe powerglide without torque converter?
Good luck, Harri and Rangie
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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