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2015 BMW I3
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1995 Vanagon EV Gone, departed, not available

Thanks everyone who replied to this post. The van is no longer available as an earnest individual has made arrangements to take it home and make it a player. It will be good to have it on the road! Doug Kasunich (Sandkas)

I started this project using the ElectroAutomotive of Santa Cruz CA heavy vehicle conversion kit. It took over a year to get all of the parts from them! I have been working on it off and on until I went out and bought a Chevy Volt. Now I don't work on it

This Van is FREE to whomever will pick it up. I am in Salinas CA My email is >[email protected]< The van is in good condition and everything is intact. Doug Kasunich (sandkas)

1985 Vanagon with new paint- no body work, new clutch and throwout bearing, new clutch master cylinder, almost new tires, org blue CA plates.

Motor: Azure AC250, SN55, AC55256, peak230, NM250A, peak 70kwh, max speed 8krpm. (full regen capable)

Controller: Azure DMOC ll with interface kit ser# 061003, includes software

Accelerator/brake controller
Tri Power switch
Regen Brake harness
DMOC wiring harness/foundation harness
Relay board (assembled)
Azure DC-DC 750: 200-400VDC, Range 12 to 24, 56A peak
Gardner/Denver 12V vacuum pump with air reservoir, mod 327 CDC 40/12
Canadian Electric Vehicle: 12V power steering pump with reservoir
Zivan NG3 battery charger, 208V-20A, 288V-9A,50 to 100 AH baterries
20- MK Gel Batteries: E31SLDG, 12V, 97AH, G-8 (always maintained, never fully discharged) made by East Penn July 2008.

The battery pack is in the vehicle, the motor is mounted to the adapter and transmission. No time or inclination on my side but maybe somebody is looking for an easy one to finish. The lead batteries will get it moving albeit with limited range but, everything is there waiting for a nice lithium pack to make this a great ride.

Van + Terra 002.jpg

Van + Terra 003.jpg

Van + Terra 004.jpg

Van + Terra 005.jpg

Doug Kasunich >[email protected]<

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Very Generous of you! Sorry to hear your parting ways with it but if someone here takes it it will be going to a good home. I'd ask to take it myself but I've personally been working on a Vanagon EV project. Hate to take this opportunity from someone who could use it more. Good luck everyone
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