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Hello all!
I am new here to the forums, and am looking for some surface level help (at least, at the moment I am). I have a 1996 2-door Tahoe that is my pride and joy... except the mileage. On a good day i get about 13mpg city and doesnt really change with towing. With that mileage and a 30gal tank it leaves a sore spot in my pocket.

I've been thinking about this, would it be possible to swap the current 4l60e transmission with a 2ml70 that is in the ~2008 tahoes? The 2ml70 contains seemingly everything I would need to mount and apply electric power to the drivetrain, and then I can handle finding and mounting the batteries. I would like to keep 4WD as well as the stock 5.7L Vortec. I'm just not sure how much of the wiring and datat would transfer over. Would the hybrid control unit that is in the 2008 series tahoes act independently from the ECM? Or at least have some common wires with my stock ECM and be able to emulate others? Possibly I could buy a aftermarket ECM that would have the wires needed for the ECM.

I have mechanic experience and have no fear of ripping anything out, its just choosing the right parts and compatibility that I'm not too sure with. I also have a general knowledge of electronics and ideas behind motors and their controllers.

I know this thing is heavy, and i'm not looking for massive increase in mpg, I just want a cool project that maybe will cost ~$5000 and bring me up into the low 20s at least. While still keeping the majority of the Tahoe stock (low priority, but its a cool truck as it is)

TLDR; Can I convert my 1996 5.7L with ~2008 tahoe hybrid parts?

Thanks guys! Appreciate any help/references that would help!
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