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Ok, figured i should start a thread, i've started measuring up and i've started battery pack sums, also started stripping down a non-running test bed vehicle to keep my daily driver on the road as long as possible

This is the vehicle in question, a Daihatsu Fourtrak, the P reg on the left specifically. The Y reg on the right is in worse shape and not roadworthy, it'll serve as a test bed for battery box and motor fitment.

It has selectable High-Low and 4wd transfer box. I doubt i'll need the Low range gears but i do want the 4wd.
Technically a 7 seater, i want to definitely retain 5 seats and i would like 100 miles of range, even if not off the bat.

Reason for this vehicle given it's age (23 years now); i have fallen in love (hence buying a second when the first started to overheat), it's as capable as a LR Defender but not as tall, so no climbing in and out, it takes plenty of people, it's rugged, has great off road capability, a bomb proof transmission and are somewhat rare over here now.

The kerb weight is 1670kg, the engine weighs 250-300kg (by all accounts), the fuel tank must be 70kg+ when full, plus the exhaust to lose and a GVWR of 2510kg, i think i've got a decent weight headroom for this project.

As for battery placement, i have the fuel tank spot, between the left chassis rail and the shaft, behind the rear seats and a big deep square engine bay, all pictured here, if i look at gen 2 leaf modules i think i can fit 96 of them in. Which should give me 48kWh, which should give me me 100 mile range.
I might not be able to to afford them all up front, so i might be looking at half of that to get on the road and upgrade later

(rear seats missing in this picture)

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