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This is a 1999 Solectria. It runs and drives but needs new batteries. There are presently some lithium packs that were put in for moving the car in the shop, but they are not working.
There is no charger with this car. The original car was from 1998 and was part of a test program in Vermont. It was very rusty. The running gear was transplanted into this 1999 body which was pretty much intact. The rockers had some rust but were repaired.
This car has spent most of its life indoors since the transplant.

To get this on the road, you would need a new 180v battery pack, a charger, new tires and brakes. It does operate when hooked to functioning batteries.
We are selling it as is. The Solectria drive train is worth the price. It is 3 phase AC.

There is an original Brusa charger that was set up for NiMH and spare body parts.

We offer no support for it. No warranty, sold as is where is with no implied warranty. And we are not offering any further support. There is a Yahoo group for these cars.
Car has to be picked up within 2 weeks.


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