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1998 Ford Windstar

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my skill level is pretty much the next to none, but i found I'm a good learner when working with my hands, and I have a few mechanics in my family and also friends, so they'll be able to help and teach me most things i need to know.

I'm hoping to get 30-40 miles in a single charge (20 min), if that's reasonable.

The speed i'd hope to get is min-55mph to max-65mph
-Typical Average speed 35mph
-Average distance would be 10miles and occosionally 20 miles.
-accelatration good enough to drive calmly on city streets.
-enought Horse power (or what ever it might be called in this situation) to carry 4 people, or just 800 pounds, if this is also reasonable

My Price range ill be expecting is anywhere from 5k-10k, if it can be cheaper without cheap equipment than awesome. if i need i can work work for up to 4k more (14k total), but i'd like to stay away from that much $.

Since I have a Van, i'll have extra room in the very back seats if it's needed, I've been looking forward to breaking away from gas, hopefully everything goes well, Thank you for who ever helps.

also a side question i'm not sure about, if my transmission is starting to break, is that going to be a problem? or will i even need the transmission in the car.
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I see the confusion in what i wrote, I meant 20 Miles minimum, ill be fine with the charging taking hours, I try not to drive much.

and i agree, i wasn't sure how far i can push my limits,

the wind star weighs (kg)2,425, curb weight (kg)1,608.

and ill lower the weight to around 450 pounds extra,
unless i should just drive it alone without allot of grocery's or supplies because the weight would be too much,
it seems like most people are using much smaller cars, should i pan this on a different car?

Thank you for helping me with the clarifications and all.

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I went to that website previously mentioned, found a car similar to mine, and in my budget with all the requirements met,
it lists allot of useful things including what kinda batteries and other things he used, the only question i guess i have left is is there anything missing that i should need to know to buy?
thanks for the help so far.
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