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1st Charge of Master Flux A/C system

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I have a Master Flux Sierra compressor in my EV for the A/C and am ready to charge it up for the 1st time. However the shop that was going to evacuate/charge the system was VERY concerned about the oil for the system.

The unit says it is shipped with oil in it, but is that oil a shipping oil that needs to be replaced? And how much oil should be in the system for proper operation?

I didn't see any information regarding this on the Masterflux site. Has anyone charged a system with this type of compressor and found instructions regarding the proper amount of oil that should go in?
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If there is oil shipped with compressor you do not need extra oil. Tell him just to charge it up with 134a like he would with any other vehicle.

Sorry I'm late on the answer, I just noticed this post.

Thanks Roy, I also found that the compressor holds 9.8oz and the Revolt web site has a reprint from EVDL archives showing 7 things about charging the Master Flux system. That was very helpful.
I"m schedule to charge it up on Wed at this point. I'll see how it goes.

Thanks again !
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