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Hi all,

I'm currently investigating on IMD circuit which is integrated in the BECM board on chevy volt gen 1 : Chevy volt BECM IMD (insulation monitoring device) and...
Sadly, the goal is not to use this part for a third usage in a crazy ev conversion :) but maybe some know there are more and more stock chevy volt owner concerned by (wrong) insulation issue. I'm concerned by this problem also on mine and after having checked and measure insulation of every HV component and harness, I try to figure out if the insulation monitoring device itself can be incriminate as bad due to an aging phenomena or defective component in the insulation measurement circuit.

To facilitate this deep investigation I would like to know if someone know the CAN command to activate the insulation test on the BECM and then get the value back ? I know this command is possible through the official GM GDS software and then it should be requested by the HPCM2 module to the BECM ; but I would ideally be able to test it separately from the car.

1 - 1 of 33 Posts