Up for your consideration is for (2) 130ah batteries. 13kwh total power. Take it a step further with hi-power 48V 130AH Deep Cycle Lithium Ii-ncm Batteries!

They offer state of the art technology "LG CHEM LGX cells" the same cells Mercedes and porsche use in their electric vehicles!

More information about them:

Built in capacity/voltage display
48v Nominal voltage
54.6v max
130ah capacity
120 amp bms built in. 300 amps peak
Width : 20.5" wide including handles
Height : 8.75"
Depth: 9.5"
Discharge Temp range -4F to 140F
Charging Temp range 25F to 140F
Manufactured in USA
5 year warranty included

Application: Solar/Wind Devices, golf cart solar
Chemical Composition: li-ncm
Amp Hours: 260ah
Battery Size: 8.75" tall x 20.5" wide x 9.5" deep

A 9amp charger is also included with it

Lg Chem NCM technology offers better energy density and battery cells can easily reach 300 Wh/kg, and offers lower cost by using less nickel and more manganese.

Capable of reaching over 6000 cycles, The hi-power LG CHEM cells can be re-charged thousands of times providing 100% DOD (depth of discharge) This is perfect for solar, Telecom, Wind, Marine RV, golf carts and deep cycle applications. Lighter and more compact than lithium iron phosphate.

Asking Price: USD$3500

If you are interested kindly send me a message or via mail
keyh503 atgmail dot com

Thanks for looking..!!!