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Unfortunately, with my build it's necessary to have 2 inverters.
One to run the main electric motor, and one to run a smaller electric motor that will drive the power steering
(This is a rock crawling 4x4 build, so the high power hydraulic steering is necessary)

I would ideally like to find a 4kW motor/inverter combo that can be used on the power steering pump.
This idea was very attractive to me, because I realized when I'm not steering, I might be able to run the smaller motor in reverse from a ICE to generate power on the 400v line.

However, I realized, that the batteries might hate this.

Does anyone know if it's possible to run 2 inverters in one car that are in the regen state at different times?

Would anyone happen to know of a 4kW 400V motor inverter combo that might work for this setup? I'm having trouble finding anything.
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