2 off used Yassa 400 motors, and 2 off Sevcon Gen 4 size 10 controllers Price reduction to enable sale.
As legend these motors were removed from an abandoned project, and we have been told, they have been set up and run on a dyno, unfortunately we have been unable to glean any further information from either Yasa or Sevcon regards these units, and although we have been able to communicate with the controller, are unable to make any adjustments, despite my engineer having vast amounts of experience, on the low voltage Sevcons, without further firmware, he is unable, to go further, and as nothing has been forthcoming from Sevcon, I have decided to sell, preferably in one lot at £6000 plus vat. Because of the above difficulties, I have now decided to go a different route with my drive train, so I also have several new Yasa motors available as well at £3500 plus vat each. Also happy to part exchange the above, including any complete, low voltage Netgain systems, or on any other EV stuff, including incomplete, or damaged EV’s Leaf or similar vehicles or parts, but especially any Zero SR motors and controller or parts, or a complete damaged bike. Now also available, a complete Jaguar i Pace battery pack, prefer to sell complete but may split, £10k inc vat Based in the North West UK available to view most days. Contact via site or tel 07964049808, but prefer text as a bit deaf. Yours Dave