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I'm offered to use two 2.4kW DC motors at 24V - 2400rpm. I was told that I can get about 5kw from each at 48V (3500rpm) with one Curtis Controller 1205P 36-48 48v 150A (for 1h), 250 (5 mins). ($250 for the two motors and $300-350 for the controller - is it a good price?)

Would this work and is it a wise decision for 2500lbs/1100kg vehicle?

With this controller I can get 48X150=7.2kw going to these fellas for 1 hour, right? And 12kW for 5 mins.

Would putting them in series and directly to the gearbox unveal unwanted problems? Synrcho problems, 2 motors get too long when coupled etc.

Or should I get a single 80V old controller from an old forklift and get 48V motor and burn it to 80V + better air cooling?
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