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I have 20 SAFT STM5-140 MR plastic-plate nickel cadmium batteries with a matching charger.

The basic specs: 6-Volt nominal, 135 Amp hours each, with the total pack being 120 Volts nominal, 16.2 kilowatt-hours. Each battery weighs 18.4 kilograms/ 40.5 pounds for a total pack weight of 368 kilos/ 810 pounds. Two of the twenty have damaged/repaired terminals, but operated well in an S10 pickup conversion. The pack includes the connecting tubing and valves for watering the whole pack from two points. They were purchased in 2005 and have 18 charge discharge cycles on them. They are rated for over 2500 cycles so they are essentially new. They have been stored indoors at room temperature since removal from the vehicle.

They are 282mm L x 153mm W x 260mm H with the end plates strapped on.

These don't have quite the Wh/kg of lithium, but they are a lot more robust. As long as you keep them below 280A continuous and 680A for 10 seconds, and keep them reasonably cool, they are ok. You can discharge them to 100% DOD and recharge them till they boil and they say "meh."

The charger is a Zivan NG5 240VAC input / 120VDC 28A output smart charger. It was programmed at the dealership for this battery pack.

Buying these batteries new from SAFT (which you, as an individual, can’t anymore) would cost you $925 each ($18,500 total). The charger costs around $1,100 new. My price is $150 each for the batteries and $600 for the charger. Total cost: $3,600

They are located in Montpelier, Vermont. I suppose I could pallet and ship them but I'd rather have them picked up.

You can contact me at hhd3rd (AT) gmail (DOT com)

I'll send photos on request.

Links to charger and battery information:

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Have these occasionally been topped up?

These become a rather large pain if they drop below .9v since they are low maintenance (as opposed to fully open like FLA lead) The reviving technique requires you to get full access to the pack and likely use some oil.

Any way I always wanted a pack like this but I can't use more than 60-72v depending on the application.

I also live too far away.


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Je suis interessé.:)
Cependant je recherche 22 blocs.
De plus je souhaiterais tester la compatibilité avec mon véhicule avant de les acheter.

I am interested.:)
However I'm looking for 22 blocks.
In addition I would like to test the compatibility with my vehicle before buying.

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I think lithium battery could be much suit for you,our lifepo4 batteries have used for Bus,and have more life cycle,see our electric bus

let me know if you have any batteries questions.

kind regards


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