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2000 4X4 Jeep Grand Cherokee project planning

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I am interested in using my 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee as a donor vehicle for an all ev project. Can I use two transwarp 9 motors, one direct to each axle, and effectively keep all wheel drive, or is this too much of a problem?

Any other advice on planning this would be greatly appreciated!
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Twin motors should be fine, you should be able to run both off one controller without too many problems. You may even be able to switch one out of circuit when 4x4 isn't needed. Not sure what it would save though.

Only thing about using two motors this way, if you are off road and heavily loading one axle you will only get half your available motor torque to that axle as the other motor has no physical connection to it to help out.
If this is an issue then keeping the transfer box will allow all the power of one or two motors to go to both axles equally if the centre diff is locked.
Thanks! Glad to be here. Sounds like a good idea. What kind of performance could I expect to get from two transwarp 9's or should I go with 11's, or something else altogether. I have been interested in this for a while, but still a newby.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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