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2000 Miata with batteries from a Leaf

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When I saw that I could get 24 kW of batteries from a wrecked Leaf cheap that inspired me to revive my old conversion, a 1990 VW Cabriolet Thinking more about it I decided I wanted a car that I liked better, was in better shape, and still had the A/C intact.

So here is the plan, recover the parts from the cabriolet and put them in a 2000 Miata with an upgrade to lithium.

Here is what I have:

2000 Mazda Miata
battery pack from a 2013 Nissan Leaf
Impulse 9 electric motor
Logisystem controller
PFC-20 charger
Iota DLS 45 DC/DC converter
vacuum pump
various other cables, gauges, etc.
ACT Prolite Flywheel (9 lbs.)
ACT ZM-2 pressure plate and clutch disk

I have a adapter plate, spacer and hub on the way from Electric Car Parts (I think I may have gotten the last one, they say they are no longer making them)
I plan to get a Benling electric powered scroll A/C compressor.

The controller I have is rated to 144V. I plan to wire the batteries 16s3p, since there are 48 battery modules that are nominally 7.5V that will be 120V and 180 Ah, however the batteries actually charge safely to 8.1V that will approach 130V. I am considering sourcing 6 more to go to 18s3p to get more voltage, but I am not sure the extra $600 is worth it and I don't know if the mismatched capacities of the batteries is a good idea with keeping them balanced.

I checked all of the batteries from the pack I got and they were all within 0.01V and have stayed that way for over a month, losing very little charge while sitting. I plan on using MK3x12 regulators from Manzanita Micro because they will talk right to my charger.

My commute is only about 3 miles, but I figure I am good for at least 50 miles with this setup, which will be fine. My last car was clutchless, but I'm going with the clutch this time. I think acceleration should be good since I can use first, which I never did before (too long to shift to 2nd without the clutch).

Any thoughts especially about more voltage, the scroll compressor, or the regulators?
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Nice car and ev conversion.
Greetings Boxster-Warp
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