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2001-2003 Prius as electric Car

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One can turn 2001-2003 Prius as Electric Car very easily and cheaply ..All one has do is to remove the EFI fuse once ign. is no and you get "READY" indication. But now it well only go about 1.7 or less unit the HV battery down to far.So one well need to add Power to the HV Battery. It can be done by using, a 2nd gen Prius Boost converter. One needed about min of 160 volt. of battery power , the boost converter well increase the to about to about 306 V that should keep the HV battery (OEM) with enough, to drive the now Electric car (prius) until added battery goes to low ..the boost inverter should supply about 100 amps.see at : let me know what you think.

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In this mode it will only go to 35mph, and you'll have to offset/replace the normal hybrid battery, but yes, it can be an all electric vehicle. There are some full-on conversions that remove the entire power system and use a new motor/controller as well.
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