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2001 BMW 330xi, motor question.

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Hey all. I am looking to convert an '01 BMW 330xi 5spd, the X meaning it is an all wheel drive car.

I have my eyes on the Motenergy M102 10in motor, 26 KW (35 HP) continuous, and 63 KW (84 HP) peak, and potentially over 100nm torque at 500a, 144v.

The car as it sits is probably a shade over 3500lbs. I plan to strip out the motor and as much of the other ICE components to shed the weight down to around 2900lbs hopefully.

My main question is, is the AWD going to be too much stress on the motor? I love the idea of having it, especially since I am in New England where winter is rough. Not to mention it'll make it a bit more sporty. But does that waste too much excess energy?

Link to motor if you need more info https://www.electriccarpartscompany...50A-DC-br-190-LB--EV-10-inch-Motor_p_232.html
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