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Oh-oh - big problem! Which motor will fit?

Oh-oh - big problem...

Look at these pictures - top view:

Manual transmission is on the right, AWD transfer case (top) bolts to the transmission, and has a rear drive shaft exiting toward the vehicle rear (not shown).

and side view (zoomed in):

The manual transmission bell housing is plenty wide, but the transfer case (remember, this is AWD with a transverse motor mount) sticks out and really limits how big of a motor can fit.

I was hoping to build a rocket, and maybe use a Warp 11 or Warp 11 HV motor, but this clearly is out of the question. My fallback was to settle for a Warp 9, however even this is questionable.

The Warp 9 diameter is 9.25" - I have just enough room for 4", 19/32, equals 9.1875".

This is too close to call - can anyone confirm that the Warp 9 is exactly 9.25" diameter?

I thought about pounding in the differential cover on the transfer case, but it looks like some sort of composite and probably will not bend nicely...

Now I know why no-one converts AWD (and here I thought it was just the wasted range).

Any ideas?
A Nissan LEAF EM57 motor is very small and compact. Not sure if it will fit nicely in there with the t-case however. There is a lot of aluminum casting that could be cut off to slim it down also. See the photos below:

1 - 1 of 145 Posts
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