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I am converting a 2001 Skoda Fabia Classic, so far I have bought the donor car for £400 and the motor, an old Milk float motor rated at 2000 RPM, 56 Volts, and fairly heavy, for £100, so I'm on track with a cheap conversion.

So far I have spent a few afternoons on the car and haven't progressed that much as I have been trying to syphon the petrol out of the tank with little success. I tried doing it the way they do it on the movies (sucking on a pipe), it isn't as simple as they make it out to be and makes you feel a bit light headed. I also tried a small hand pump syphon, but after spending an hour to get the pipe to the fuel I did the stupid thing of pumping the pump as fuel was going through it which meant I ended up breaking the one way valve. So I need to get another one before I progress any further with that.

I have also started taking apart the stuff (Technical term! :)) in the engine compartment. But have since then decided to get a Haynes manual to aid with the deconstruction.

Till next time.
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