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2007 Flybo 6000zk
72 Volt AC Motor
72Volt/250 Amp Controller
6x12 volt 210ah Batterys
Looks just like a SMART CAR
Classified as an NEV
35mph speed limiter
Direct Drive

Updated Master Cylinder
Brand New Dual Post 100 Amp Breaker
No Water Leaks
Tight Suspension and Front End
CD Player/Radio
Racing Seats

Car only has 1400 miles.
Bought the car for my girlfriend but she doesn't like the direct drive. Hill starts can be like driving a manual transmission car. Car runs perfect. Strong. Doesn't over heat. All the quirks have been worked out. It is now a very dependable EV. It's a bit sluggish uphills, and with the speed limiter set to 35mph it's definitely a LSV (Low Speed Vehicle), but the trade off is great range! 60-80 miles per charge.

Was asking $7500 but $7000 takes it.
This car is RARE in the United States,however, since its an EV, as many of you know, everything "in it" is replaceable. But the body and frame (being that it looks just like a "Smart Car") is a little harder to come by. Cops will leave you alone. That to me is priceless.

Selling since I don't need a car.
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