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2007 Zenn 2.2 LX - SOC Indicator Problem

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I'm a newbie to EVs as well as this forum and just bought a used 2007 Zenn 2.2 LX. I swapped out the batteries for six relatively new Magna Power gel 8G31s. The car has a PakTraker and I used the resetting method I found in this forum to set it to the gel setting. It appears to be working properly. The problem I'm having is that with these new batteries, the SOC indicator shows the opposite of what it should -- in other words, fully charged, the SOC shows empty and as the car is driven, it climbs upward so that empty it reads full.

Any thoughts on what is wrong?

Thank you and I certainly find a lot of useful information in this forum.

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I'm pretty sure the current sensor is connected backwards. It is showing the current out of the pack while you drive as charging current (amp hours in) and charging current as a load. I don't know how current is measured so I'm not sure of the correct way to fix that (or even where it's located.)
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