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2008 Kick Gas Festival, Sunday October 12 2008

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Note forwarded from Bill Hammons:

Subject: Announcing 2008 Kick Gas Festival for electric-drive

I have been asked to share the attached "2008 Kick Gas Festival" flyer announcing an electric-drive motor sports EVent at Barona 1/8 mile Drag Strip that is being organized by an experienced promoter who has had success promoting other events here and in Mexico. I recently attended Dragfest which was filled to capacity and Moto Mania in Mexico had to be 3 shows per day to accommodate the crowds. With the success that our San Diego EVAOSD chapter had holding the Electric Dragin' (during ominous weather conditions) I have been approached by this promoter who would like to hold a public awareness EVent to demonstrate that electric-drive can be fast, clean and fun. So help me get-the-word-out about this EVent by sending this email to other Electric-drive enthuses, plan on attending this EVent and bring an EV or even a hybrid. Get a hybrid for the weekend or build an EV you have until Saturday, October 12, 2008.
Thank you in advance for spreading the word about this EVent. Arrive early, while you can still get in.
Bill Hammons
The demise of the stone age was not a shortage of stones; there was a better way and there is still a better way. Go ELECTRIC and Kick Gas!!

Flyer is here: