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I must thin my herd, and as much as I have enjoyed owning and driving this super rare future classic, the time has come to offer some other lucky person the chance to carry it forward.

Th!nk City #118... if you know you know. Not a lot of these around. The car's in overall good shape, looks really fresh and is wicked fun to drive. Gets looks and comments wherever you go. People think it's a brand new model they've never seen, and everyone's attracted to it. Very zippy and go-kart like drive feel, super agile and easy to maneuver, competent on the freeway, lots of cargo room, comfortable seating and good visibility-- truly a special car. Nothing ever has quite been on the market like it since, and we'll see... not a single TFT LCD in the cabin... this is not a 'smartphone on wheels' like new models are. Electro-hydraulic power steering has great feel. the combination of short wheelbase and low center of mass makes for super entertaining driving. There's a chance there will never be a car like this again. And it's legitimate homologated, tested on road vehicle, easy cheap registration, insurance, airbags, ABS... not a total death trap like the 3-wheelers that fly under motorcycle registration.

At the same time, you must know what you're getting into, it's not a project car, runs great and I have no reason to expect that it will quit anytime soon-- Needs nothing now-- but it will continue to need care and attention to keep it going strong in the future, and some parts can be hard to come by. This page had a good summary if you're uninitiated: Can You Guess The Many Borrowed Parts On The Failed Th!nk City EV? - The Autopian

High points:
  • New tires
  • battery capacity approx. 50-60% of new I estimate... 40-50 miles of range realistically. great for around-town or short hops
  • New door speakers sound good
  • HV cabin heater non functional (common issue). AC works great.
  • Comes with repair manual
  • Comes with 2 keys