We have one G1 Nissan LEAF battery pack that we will be pulling out of a 2012 LEAF later this week (swapping in a larger pack). This pack has a bit over 55k mi on it, and has just over 51% SoH (that works out to about 10.5kWh usable capacity).

Apart from the degradation, the pack is fully functional and could be swapped back into another 2011-2012 LEAF (we could even swap it in for you at extra cost), or it could be torn down and the cells repurposed for another use case (EV conversion, off grid storage, etc.). As you can see by the LEAFspy data, this is a very stable pack, and has barely any variation in the cell voltages.

We also have more G1 Nissan LEAF cells if you want to buy everything as a lot. The other cells have roughly the same capacity (within 5%) and came out of a similar mileage car. Those ones have already been removed from the battery case, and do not have the BMS or anything to go with them (though a bunch of bus bars, compression plates and other hardware are included) and there are only 36 of them (3/4 of a LEAF pack).

$2,000 for this complete pack (OBO)
$1,200 for the bare cells (OBO)
If you want both, maybe we can work out a package deal!

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