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2014 BMW i8 Prices, News and Reviews

Like Nissan, BMW has decided that electric vehicles are important for their future business, given the rapidly growing number of consumers with environmental awareness around the world. Most immediately, the i-coches will help the brand as a whole to deal with the escalation of global standards for fuel economy and CO2 emissions. And, of course, new tec-heavy electric contribute to the desired image of BMW as a company socially responsible "green" and an innovative technical automobile manufacturer.

BMW i8 Concept specifications:
Length/height/width: 4632mm/1280mm/1955mm.
Wheelbase: 2800mm.
Number of seats: 2 + 2.
Kerb weight: 1480kg.
Acceleration: 0-100km/h in 4.6 seconds.
Electric range: 35km.
Luggage capacity: Approximately 150 litres.
Fuel consumption (combined): 2.7 litres/100km.
Battery charge time: 105 minutes for 100 per cent charge.
Output: 260kW/550Nm overall: 164kW300Nm petrol engine + 96kW/250Nm electric motor.
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2014 BMW i8
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