We have a White 2015 Fiat 500e (34004 miles, HV battery still under warranty, brand new 12V battery, Brand new tires, Sport package). It has operated perfectly until recently, when the PIM (Power Inverter Module) showed an error. Fiat says it needs a new PIM; we’ve checked the HV battery and it is working fine. We're opting not to go through with the repair and have decided to sell the car as is to someone who wants to fix it or split it up for parts. When in normal driving condition, a 2015 500e with only 34 K miles is selling for $16,500, like this one for sale now near me. I’m hoping to sell it to someone that would like to attempt to repair it or part it out. Everything is in excellent shape and it has new tires and 12V battery.

It currently shows ~50% HV battery charge with a 45 miles range. Full charge range has been 85- 90 miles. Price is negotiable. Feel free to message me for more pictures, as this post limits the number of pictures I can include.