A 2015 Leaf came into a local salvage yard and I picked up the engine assembly out of it, but I am only using the PDM/OBC charger from the engine assembly, so these parts are for sale:

$500 - Traction Motor - 290A0-3NF1C - Will have to confirm part no.
$500 - Power Head Inverter - 291A0-3NF1B
$100 - Subframe - Great condition of metal and no dents by observation
$250 - Manual Transaxle - 32010-3NF0B
$50 - The various mounts that attaches the assembly to the sub-frame. 3 or 4 of them.
Individual prices above. Have it all for $1200 obo.

Parts are sold as-is. Nothing has been tested and all parts have came off a used Nissan Leaf from a salvage yard.

Shipping: Your expense, and I can palletize these parts for you and I have a warehouse dock available for carrier pick up.