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Hi, I have been a member for just under a year, but have not introduced my project until now. I am currently working on converting a 2017 Textron Off Road Recoil iS Crew UTV to lithium batteries. Since I am sure most people are not familiar with this UTV, it is a 4 passenger electric side-by-side capable of off-roading. I use the vehicle for trail riding, hunting, and driving the family around outdoors / pulling sleds in the winter.

The UTV is a 72v system that uses 9 8v lead-acid batteries stock. It has been a great little vehicle, but battery life leaves a bit to be desired, especially during cold weather.

I plan to upgrade to lithium, using 12v 138ah Valence U27-12XP batteries and a U-Charge® XP - Battery Management System (BMS).

As currently planned, the system will have 12 of these batteries (6S2P) to power the vehicle, and an additional battery dedicated to the winch, BMS computer and 12v accessories.

Below is a stock photo of what the UTV looks like. I might upload some actual pictures from my project in-progress later.
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