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Hello to All:

I'm new to the group and looking for recommendations and guidance. I have an electric 2017 Tuk Tuk. It currently has a 8kw motor with 9000 rpms controlled by a Curtis controller. The speed initially was 25 mph, but I cranked it up and it topped 66 mph. It's currently set at a smooth 40 mph.

I want speed and torque. I'm assuming replacing the rear axel with something that can handle torque then go direct drive since I don't have space for a transmission. I'd like to keep using the controller and DC to DC converter if possible. I'd love to swap out the gears in what I have to be able to bolt a motor right up to it. I believe it's a 8 in motor.

Do you all have any recommendations for me to consider?

BTW, the taxi topper, doors, and canopy would come off. I'll keep the lead acid batteries even though it's extra weight, but it's weight needed to keep the Tuk Tuk on the ground.

I look forward to hearing from you all.




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